Jean Paré grew up understanding that the combination of family, friends and home cooking is the essence of a good life. From her mother she learned to appreciate good cooking, while her father praised even her earliest attempts. When she left home she took with her many acquired family recipes, her love of cooking and her intriguing desire to read recipe books like novels!

In 1963, when her four children had all reached school age, Jean volunteered to cater the 50th anniversary of the Vermilion School of Agriculture, now Lakeland College. Working out of her home, Jean prepared a dinner for over 1,000 people which launched a flourishing catering operation that continued for over eighteen years. During that time she was provided with countless opportunities to test new ideas with immediate feedback—resulting in empty plates and contented customers! Whether preparing cocktail sandwiches for a house party or serving a hot meal for 1,500 people, Jean Paré earned a reputation for good food, courteous service and reasonable prices.

“Why don’t you write a cookbook?” Time and again, as requests for her recipes mounted, Jean was asked that question. Jean’s response was to team up with her son, Grant Lovig, in the fall of 1980 to form Company’s Coming Publishing Limited. April 14, 1981, marked the debut of 150 Delicious Squares, the first Company’s Coming cookbook in what soon would become Canada’s most popular cookbook series.

Sincerity and trust come through in every one of Jean’s recipes. Today, as an internationally-acclaimed cookbook author, she takes the time to personally answer every one of the many letters she receives from followers around the world. On radio interview programs, switchboards light up with calls from well-wishers and questions from people who put their trust in her advice.

Jean Paré’s approach to cooking has always called for quick and easy recipes using everyday ingredients. Even when traveling she is constantly on the lookout for new ideas to share with her readers. At home, she can usually be found researching and writing recipes, or working in the company’s test kitchen. Jean continues to gain new supporters by adhering to what she calls “the golden rule of cooking:” Never share a recipe you wouldn’t use yourself. It’s an approach that works—millions of times over! Visit them on the web!