Irma K-12 School

Irma School is part of the Buffalo Trail Regional Division which is headquartered in Wainwright. The school principal is Mr. Darren Grosky and the Administrative Assistant is Jennifer Falle.

Irma School was newly reconstructed in 2019 and now includes a large community centre meeting and event hall.

The small school environment in Irma allows students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 to interact with each other in a positive way everyday throughout the building. This type of learning and role-modeling makes Irma School very unique. In addition, because K-12 are in the same building, very strong bonds are formed between teachers and students.

A private play school program is offered in Irma School for children aged three and four. The program is offered October – May each year, two days per week, half days.

For more information please call Irma School at (780) 754-3746 or visit the Irma School website