VILLAGE Office Updates

Stronger Health measures are now in place: Please help and be vigilant, tolerant and cooperative.  Thank you 

If you returning home from outside of Canada, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

DO NOT VISIT the municipal office and please conduct business virtually, regardless of where you were or whether you have travelled or not. 

Interac (email) payments are now accepted at the Village Office through (use this email ONLY)

  • Email your payment specifying the amount, taxes or utilities and return email for receipt. 
  • Please consider this option now as a mode of easy safe virtual payments.
  • All information can be provided by email or phone as well as any receipts.

Contact us at for any queries.

Interac (email) payments now accepted at the Village Office through

Please help us streamline business in a safe manner for all.

If you know someone that has returned home from outside of Canada, please ensure that they are aware of the need to self-isolate.

Please read the FAQ’s and COVID-19 information.

Prevent the Spread! Stop the SPIKE!


Set a good example.   Thank you.