Office Hours

Here are the office hours for 2022:
  • Mondays: Stephanie & CAO
  • Tuesdays: Cori (every second Tuesday starting Feb 15), Stacey (every second Tuesday starting Feb 22) & CAO
  • Wednesdays: Cori & Stacey (Stacey every second Wednesday starting Feb 16) & CAO
  • Thursdays: Cori & Stacey (Stacey every second Thursday starting Feb 17)
  • Friday: Stephanie (Public Works), Cori (every second Friday starting Feb 11) & Stacey (every second Friday starting Feb 18).
Please note that the office is closed for foot traffic on Mondays to help staff complete work projects and catch up on work.
This does not mean that you can’t phone or email ( or, drop of payments or continue doing business.  Please contact us if you have any issue or question and we will gladly help.
We appreciate your understanding and patience to help us streamline service.
Payments and Municipal Business:
The Village continue with all Payments that can be made online through the Encompass Credit Union, ATB, and we now accept online Interac (e-mail payments.
Payment can also be dropped through the mail slot located beside our main door. The office is locked and armed, and the drop box is checked multiple times a day.
PLEASE DO Interac (email : PAYMENTS.  So easy.  Thank you kindly.
Tax Receipts:
Municipal Business can be conducted by calling the office at 780-754-3665 or emailing or text 780.806.6973 (CAO cell) for emergencies or any other query.
Thank you for your cooperation!