Transfer Site Information

Wherever a truck load is not specified further it will be a level (to the sides) pickup load.



-Compost, grass clippings, branches, wood chips, anything else the Caretaker deems compostable.

These go into our compost area. Based on one tandem (or 4 pickup truck load) truck load per day.


-Recycling Bins Cardboard is free to place in the bins that are designated for recycling, $5.00 per box to be placed in regular bins. Also there is a list of items that can be placed in the recycle bin as per our contract with GFL:

-Hard plastics #1-2 (example, deposit items cans, milk jugs, food containers, and fluid jugs

-Tin or aluminum cans, soup cans, coffee cans tetra packs etc.

– Paper, magazines, phone books, catalogues

– Cardboard: boxes, paper egg cartons, cereal boxes, etc.


Charged Items:-Must Fit in Bin

-Bags of household garbage-$1.00 a bag/ $10.00 a truck load

-An Area Carpet-$5.00




-Micro Wave- $5.00

-Stove- $5.00

-Television- $5.00

-VCR/DVD/DVR- $5.00

-Wooden Snow Fence- $5.00 a roll

-Hot water tanks $5.00

-Wood shingles- $10.00 a ½ ton load

-Water Cooler $15.00

-Mattress- $25.00 (cannot fit in bin must be set aside)- Could be less if dismantled

-Chesterfield-$25.00 (cannot fit in bin must be set aside)-Could be less if dismantled

-Any Fridge/ Freezer/Window Air Conditioner-$25.00

-Any item that has a chemical for cooling inside it will be charged $25.00 to help with the fee for removal.

-Truck Boxes only $50.00


Care Taker’s Discretion for cost:



– The Caretaker can also set costs for items that are not on this list, or deny their entry to the site


Not Accepted:

-Asphalt Shingles

-Propane Tanks

-Fuel Tanks

-chemical barrels

-Old Vehicles, Truck canopies

-The Caretaker has the right to refuse any item they deem fit

-Batteries (Car or any other kind)



Remember this is a transfer site ONLY